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     I have two dogs and they make a great mess in my home. A friend of mine told me about this cleaning company called SidcupCarpetCleaners. The first time I hired them I was a little bit nervous and didn't know if they could really help me. But their team made all of my worries disappear. They were very nice and polite. Within a couple of hours they cleaned everything. Now I hire them on a regular basis and it costs me very little to do so too!
Tina H.07/12/2016
     I used SidcupCarpetCleaners when I had just moved into my new house and I wanted a really thorough clean so I could get the feeling of starting with a clean slate. Two cleaners arrived right on time to deliver a fully professional and comprehensive clean for a very affordable price. It was difficult for them because of the moving in process there was a lot of stuff to work around and they were very patient with me as I really wanted a good job. I definitely got value for my money and a few of my friends are using the same company now and are seeing great results.
Alexander Graham08/04/2014
     I don't know why I was so nervous about hiring a cleaning company - I wish I'd hired SidcupCarpetCleaners years ago!! The cleaners at this company do amazing work in my home. There's no job that my cleaner won't be able to tackle with skill and efficiency, and I often feel as though I have a brand new home entirely! This is a company with low prices, excellent staff and lots of cleaning services to help you in your home. I really have nothing bad to say about them and I strongly suggest you give this company a call before even thinking about hiring anyone else!

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